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Apr. „Wäääh?“ So göttlich reagiert BVB-Trainer Thomas Tuchel in München auf die angezeigte Und Tuchel kriegt jetzt wohl sein eigenes Gif. 8. Mai auch beim Gegentor in der ganz ruhig: mit unseren GIFs des Spieltags. weiterlesen auf Seite 2: Jede Szene aus»Aki gegen Tuchel«. Apr. 5 Minuten auf der Tafel – und das passende Tuchel-Gesicht. What? Das Tuchel- Gif zum Pokalsieg des BVB gegen Bayern.

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Thomas Tuchel - Top 5 Moments

Not purely based on trophies, but he was really improving his Dortmund side. These last three years not a lot of managers have won it.

True only 1 team can win. While PSG managers are tasked with winning it, its never guaranteed. But what can be expected are good performances.

Im not going to criticise him for the Barca collapse. He got his tactics wrong and it happened. PSG destroyed Barca in the first leg.

No Neymar but they just werent good. He also lost the league to Monaco in his first season. It was his first season and Monaco were brilliant, but its no mark in his favour.

You're right, the game is cruel its never accurate or fair to judge a manager on so few games. He can be great with Arsenal. He just might be. They have so little depth in the midfield though but really, PSG has to make the semi finals this year.

Generally weaker Spanish teams, weaker Bayern, their starters should get plenty of rest unlike the English teams as well The problem is that PSG is failing in CL because of bad mentality in the deciding matches, not quality.

And Tuchel is anything but a mentality coach. I always thought those comments were strange considering he got on so well with Dembele and Aubameyang at Dortmund.

Appearing late to training on numerous occasions which started to affect the actions of other players like Dembele and Guerreiro? Inviting some youtube on the training ground to shoot a video even though he obviously wasn't allowed to make that decision.

I think his brother was involved. Basically boils down to "bending the smaller rules". Some say he got off easy because he performed so well which is why words like "special treatment" were used a couple times.

That also probably didn't help the rift in the team which consisted of the more "professional" players and the players who looked up to auba to be able to get away with it because of his skills on the pitch.

And the fact, that our squad drifted apart more and more was a much bigger problem than Auba himself who really DID deliver even though he mayber wasn't a model athlete off the pitch.

The way he left was just dumb, claiming a reporter was being racist to him then stopped going training. All of them were mostly just little things but adding them all together it really starts to look horrible.

Honestly I think Sanchez being toxic as shit is helping how Arsenal fans perceive Aubameyang right now, along with his friendship with Lacazette.

Our squad morale is better now than probably anytime else in the last 5 or 6 years. He had great chemistry with Reus and Dembele both on and off the pitch.

Like the time they pulled out batman and robin masks after scoring against schalke. A lot of times he was actually praised for raising team morale and being the "life of the party" so to say.

And during the dembele debacle people often said stuff like "see how professional auba is handling the situation of his transfer to milan that didn't happen".

I guess this time he knew that acting like that really does make it go your way. But yeah, you guys probably won't have to worry about it because this was most likely the last big transfer that was in him.

Very doubtful that he's gonna be attractive for other clubs in years that are bigger than arsenal. He was basically the unofficial welcoming party for every single transfer we have because he spoke a million languages.

Pulisic, Dembele, etc seems to look up to him. They also assumed that Neymar and Mbappe would be divas and hate Tuchel but Neymar hasn't had issues with his managers since he was a teenager in Brazil.

Maybe it's because the managers were bending themselves backwards for Neymar. His time at Barca might be different because Messi was the star of the team and not him but most clubs are very accomondating to him.

Also he has had problems with his teammates in every clubs he's been at. Most managers do the same for their star especially for one that's as good as Neymar so whats the difference?

He also has a bunch of teammates that like him very much. From what I've heard, Tuchel had big problems with senior loyal players who were past their usefulness Schmelzer?

Implications being that he has trouble man managing, when really he just doesn't care for players he doesn't deem great. He did great with essentially every great player at Dortmund even senior loyal ones like reus.

He played the best players, which was too much a change from Klopp for the club to handle Klopp made bad players great instead of ignoring them.

He originally planned to sell Hummels off immediately when he came on who I don't think was past it, so yeah.

He gave up on that, but still, he's not hesitant to antagonize senior players. True, it was made up by Bild that Hummels was against Tuchels appointment at Bayern.

I mean he prolly never said it but I think he isnt his biggest fan. When they worked together at Dortmund and after Tuchel was fired many of the young players talked highly of him, Hummels didnt.

Tuchel is insane though, in a good but also in a bad way. Most thought that him at PSG will either go horribly wrong or horribly right with little in between.

Oh yeah I know, all the player testimonies for the bombing showed that he lied to the press about what happened to make Watzke look bad.

It's likely to go like his Mainz and Dortmund stints. Great footballing success but he'll be smeared so he is firable cause he just doesn't seek compromises.

He's failed so far in the only real test they've had vs Liverpool, where he cam up with an appalling line up. If being a respected coach is about wagering with players, I think anyone could be one.

And talking about the wager, he's setting the bar low. Winning Ligue 1 matches is the minimum they should do.

Neymar finally can have some time off from staying in Mbappe's shadow. How is he in Mbappe's shadow? He's by far been PSG's best player this season.

Even when Mbappe scored 4 goals yesterday, Neymar was crucial in making that happen. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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I have some but they all have flaws. The Bundesliga rarely disappoints and despite several teams suffering from a post Europe hang-over this weekend was no exception.

There was unfortunately no repeat of the Lewandowksi show this time around. He just got the one goal.

Wolfsburg battled hard against Bayern, no doubt very motivated to avoid the humiliation they endured earlier in the season.

The real action however was on Sunday with Dortmund playing host to Hoffenheim and as the title suggests two former Freiburg keepers battling it out.

The latter also going up against his former team-mate Matthias Ginter who remained on the bench. As it turns out they came a little closer to going head to head than two keepers usually would.

On the subject of former players facing each other the game has another connection of that nature, Thomas Tuchel and Julian Nagelsman have a connection too.

Tuchel having worked with him whilst he was the youth coach at Augsburg. A lot has changed since then with the team on their third coach of the season.

Naglesman was meant to take over in the summer but had to take over ahead of schedule after Huub Stevens was forced to step down because of health problems.

Since taking over his presence has certainly made a difference and it most definitely showed against Dortmund. Going up against Dortmund is incredible enough but holding onto that lead until the 80th minute is all the more so.

It looked like Hoffenheim could do the impossible and hold onto what would be a vital three points, that is until Sebastian Rudy was sent off.

What a day for him, his birthday, a potentially match winning goal and then a red card. Those final nine minutes plus extra time provided plenty of drama.

A late winner from Adrian Ramos who only came on the pitch ten minutes earlier and then Hoffenheim decided to throw everything at it.

Even Baumann got in on the act coming up into the box in the final minutes before having to rush back.

The Bundesliga certainly wasted no time getting back into the swing of things after the international break. The real excitement was on Saturday though with Dortmund hosting Bremen.

They have a pretty good record against Dortmund, though admittedly not at Signal Iduna Park. Regardless one thing was for sure, this was a fixture which guaranteed goals.

Say what you like about Bremen, more often than not they are good value for money as regards entertainment. Even when they lose they manage to be watchable and exciting.

It was a big game for both teams but for very different reasons, Dortmund looking to keep up the pressure on Bayern and Bremen doing their best to distance themselves a little bit further from the relegation struggle.

It was as promised a very entertaining game, even though all the drama came in the last 25 minutes. Even with their obvious defensive emphasis not taking any chances they lined up with five at the back they managed to get a few chances early on.

Dortmund were a team frustrated. Even Zieler with already condemned H96 has managed to keep at least one clean sheet, ironically enough against Bremen was the first time he did so.

Sure enough just seven minutes after the restart Aubameyang made it to Dortmund. He had little trouble outrunning the last two defenders, for Vestergaard it was a case of almost but not quite.

He just got there but too late to do anything and Aubameyang put the ball over a helpless Felix Wiedwald.

The drama was not done however and the game far from over. The next goal did not as you might expect come from Dortmund, though I suppose in a sense it did seeing as how the next goal was an own goal scored by Gonzalo Castro.

It enlivened them and gave them the confidence to look for an equaliser. Dortmund were once again frustrated and more than a little rattled.

Which may have had something to do with Bremen taking the lead in the 73rd minute. Not to take anything away from Zlatko Junuzovic, it was an excellent goal.

Unluckily for them however Dortmund had not one ace up their sleeve but two in the form of Shinji Kagawa and Adrian Ramos. The latter rescued them against Augsburg and he did so again here, getting the winning goal.

Better late than never and the three points meaning they at least theoretically have a chance of winning the title.

On the subject of Bayern they had a fairly uneventful game against Eintracht Frankfurt, winning with a pretty awesome goal from Franck Ribery. Niko Kovac said they were going to Munich with the intention of trying to win, brave words indeed but not as foolhardy as they may sound.

Eintracht did draw with Bayern earlier in the season after all. As it stands they of course lost but only , that could prove to be important in their fight against relegation.

Speaking of relegation H96 continued their inevitable slide down into the 2. Bundesliga with a loss to HSV.

I got the impression his time was up from his post-match interview and his comments after the game. I guess the only question was would he leave of his own accord or be fired.

Meanwhile elsewhere on Sunday Hoffenheim made inroads to safety with an important draw against Köln. They left it late, very late in fact, Kevin Volland scored the equaliser in the 90th minute.

In the other game Gladbach humiliated Champions League hopefuls Hertha BSC in a hugely entertaining affair making the battle for the Champions League spots just that little bit more interesting.

They followed that up with two draws against Hoffenheim and Darmstadt, and then of course the humiliation at Bayern.

His homecoming of sorts was a success as far as Dortmund were concerned, they got back to winning ways with a defeat of Mainz.

He had better luck then Weidenfeller did anyway. But not before Dortmund went down courtesy of a very humiliating goal which involved Weidenfeller almost falling into one of his own defenders and the ball then being put in the net by a very alert Elkin Soto who made good use of the keeper being way off his line.

Thankfully no such curse befell Bürki and he made a strong start to the game, making a good save against Muto just five minutes in:.

Though it turned out not to matter because you only need to slip up once against Dortmund and they make you pay.

Which is exactly what happened in the 17th minute. One misplaced pass intercepted by Mkhitaryan, two moves later and goal, Marco Reus slotting it home past Karius for his third of the season.

The first half provided a few chances for both teams but nothing clear cut, the number of attempts on goal was far outweighed by the number of tackles.

It was a closely contested affair to say the least, Sokratis in particular being his usual imposing self in defence for Dortmund. Matthias Ginter made a few important decisions too, in particular this clearance.

Bürki probably would have got there anyway but why take that chance:. As could much of the passing in the final third throughout the first half.

They were handed an opportunity right at the start of the second half to make it when Nico Bungert was judged to have brought Aubameyang down.

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Politik Alles bleibt unklar: Oder gibt es da schon konkrete Pläne? Hat der FC Bayern das Siegen verlernt? Ist Kovac bereits angezählt? Welche Nebenwirkungen hat Testosteron? Tuchel is a world class coach no doubt mit pc spielen geld verdienen it. Tuchel is charismatic and smart but a bit of a cunt and that helps him deal with big wie schnell ist aubameyang km h room personalities and assert dominance in the power struggle. I'd go in anyway. In charge of Stuttgart at the time was none other than Thomas Schneider. Aubameyang however had a good chance in the 76th minute but was unable to take it, Bungert doing just enough to fifa 50 him off. Implications being that he has trouble man managing, when really he just doesn't care for players he doesn't deem great. He got his tactics wrong and it happened. No big surprise there, with seven games without a win and the fans having turned against him weeks clams casino im god instrumental it seemed all but inevitable. But of course league form counts for nothing and Beste Spielothek in Buschmannsort finden add an extra twist to the story it was Gladbach who Bremen beat to reach the quarter finals. News, results and discussion about the beautiful game. In the other game Gladbach humiliated Champions League hopefuls Hertha BSC in a hugely entertaining affair making the battle for the Champions League spots just that little bit more interesting. I used to do it all the time in underground casino 70's. Traditionsverein Erfolge des VfL Bochum - Hallo, hier eine einfach Frage: Die meisten Menschen wählen aus dem bauch heraus. Es ist das vierte Mal in Folge, dass die Dortmunder es dorthin geschafft haben. Da drehst du das Spiel - und fieberst dem Abpfiff entgegen: Nach den intensiven 90 Minuten plus der langen Nachspielzeit musste der Bayern-Kapitän den Spielern von Borussia Dortmund letztlich beim ausgelassenen Jubeln zusehen. Auf der einen Seite eine stets missmutig aussehende SPD-Kandidatin, die nur noch von den Moderatorinnen von Frontal 21 übertroffen wird. Gewonnen, weiter und zu Null: Auch eine andere Reaktion sorgte nach dem Pokalspiel für Aufmerksamkeit: Katerstimmung auf der Wiesn. Und Mehmet Scholl greift noch einmal zum Mikrofon. Bayern mit Auftaktsieg, Ronaldo sieht rot und Hoffenheims Premiere endet unentschieden. Politik Alles bleibt unklar: Die hässliche Ronaldo-Statue hat jetzt einen Konkurrenten und das Netz feiert. Wie lange braucht ein Muskelfaseriss zum abheilen?

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